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Complaints and Appeals/Disputes Policy

This policy applies to all certification/assessment management systems in handling complaints, appeals and disputes, however received by PTS (eg letter, email, telephone or verbally). All complaints, appeals and disputes relating to the Certification/Assessment Management systems shall be dealt with in a prompt, unbiased, confidential and professional manner. Processes are in place for handling and managing complaints, appeals and disputes. PTS shall ensure that the persons appointed to deal with the complaint, appeals and dispute are different from those who carried out the audits/assessments and made the certification/assessment decision.

A copy of the Complaints and Appeals/Disputes process is available on request from the Certification Manager.

Responses to appellants will address the effectiveness of the management/assessment systems and describe how PTS reviews the cause of the complaint, appeal and dispute to identify whether or not any system changes are needed. Any other issues (e.g. legal issues) will be handled by the impartiality Committee.

Persons/Company’s who wish to formally make a complaint, appeal or dispute to PTS should contact the Certification Manager by letter, email telephone or verbally stating the following information:

Complainant Name and Company Name

Nature of Complaint, appeal/dispute.

What steps have already been take by the complainant and the response received

PTS will appoint a senior member of staff to investigate the matter, this individual will respond in writing/email to the Persons/Company within five days of receiving the complaint, appeal/dispute.