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Grip Testing

The Griptester is a tool used  for surface friction testing of highways and runways. PTS can now offer this service using the MK2 GripTester. Read about the MK2 GripTester here.

It is now more important than ever that all local authorities have an effective monitoring process across their entire road network in order to meet the requirements placed upon them. PTS can help, whether you need to test your:

  • Entire Network
  • Strategic Routes
  • Accident Hot Spots
  • New Thin Surface Sites
  • Retextured Sites (Before and After)

The GripTester, arguably the most cost effective, reliable and deployable skid resistance tester, has recently undertaken major trials at the Transport Research Laboratory in Crowthorne where outstanding results have been achieved for repeatability and reproducibility both in straight lines and on road curvature. These results show that the GripTester will not only out perform any other device available but will make the local authority testing and analysis task significantly easier.

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