17 Oct, 2023

Council to Leverage XAIS Asset Management’s Expertise for Advanced Highways Asset Management and Team Training

XAIS Asset Management is delighted to win a contract to partner with Darlington Borough Council.

Procured through G-Cloud 13, the council’s Highways Asset Management team has invested in a full breadth of products and services from the XAIS portfolio.

The council will introduce the XA© Asset Management Platform as it seeks to enhance delivery in Darlington. A desire to commit to best practice, and to install the right foundations from the start, has also seen Darlington commission a full Annual Engineers Inspection (AEI) survey to develop an accurate picture of current condition and develop effective treatment and condition projection modelling.

Future Proofing

They have also tasked XAIS with the training of its team, to maximise use of XA© but also to enable Darlington to maintain that projection modelling aspect going forward.

XAIS Asset Management’s Executive Director, James Wallis said: “We are delighted to partner with Darlington Borough Council and support the next phase of their asset management journey.

“Their Highways team attended the XAIS Asset Management annual Open Day earlier in 2023 and were impressed with our capabilities. Following further research and positive conversations with peers who are already XAIS clients, Darlington chose to engage our services and were able to procure seamlessly through G-Cloud 13.

“We’re excited about the benefits that XA© and our partnership can bring for Darlington Borough Council and the impact this programme will have on highways in the area.”

Strategic Approach

Darlington’s approach follows the ideal roadmap for improved delivery – combining XA© with an AEI survey to maximise efficient use of resources.

The benefits of undertaking an AEI with XAIS include:

Costed works programmes for up to 5 years

Projection Modelling for greater insight and planning

Scheme Prioritisation is delivered alongside the AEI

Scheme Assembler – the XA© works programme module

XAIS Asset Management’s AEI service utilises the XA© Asset Management platform to configure treatment and value management criteria. XA© is also used to generate outputs including survey mapping and prioritised lists. These processes are undertaken as a complimentary Bureau Service for all XAIS AEI clients.