23 Apr, 2024
LSG Integration

The integration of Local Street Gazetteer (LSG) management within the XA© Asset Management System is not just an upgrade – it’s a game changer for how local highway authorities manage their street data.

Local authorities in England and Wales have always faced a significant challenge in maintaining accurate, up-to-date street records. Multiple systems, manual entry and time pressures all contribute to an administrative burden.

Now, XAIS Asset Management’s latest offering elegantly addresses these challenges by embedding LSG management into the existing XA© Asset Management System.

This innovative integration signifies a move towards a more unified, efficient approach to street data management, greatly benefiting local highway authorities.

Innovative Features for Modern Asset Management Demands

The enhanced system boasts a number of key features designed to streamline local street data management:

Centralised Data Handling: The integration allows for all-encompassing management of LSG data, including important details like ownership, interest records, and maintenance programme data, all within a single platform.

Data Quality and Accuracy: With the merging of highways asset and LSG management systems, local authorities can now ensure higher data accuracy – easily correcting network misalignments or digitisation errors directly in the XA© Asset Management system.

User-Friendly Interface: Aimed at enhancing user experience, the system facilitates effortless management of local street data with easy-to-use features for viewing, editing and creating both street reference and street spatial data.

Data Integrity and Validation: Built-in validation checks guarantee the accuracy and compliance of data to GeoPlace standards.

Support for Future Technologies: This integration also sets the stage for the development of digital twins and simplifies delivery of additional projects by providing a golden thread that runs through all other network representations a local highway authority uses for safety inspections, DfT reporting and multiple surveys.

Commenting on the new integration, James Wallis, Executive Director at XAIS Asset Management, said: “A Local Street Gazetteer (LSG) acts as a foundational reference tool for understanding and navigating the intricate network of streets and roads within a local authority, facilitating efficient transportation and spatial analysis activities. It also provides a single source of truth, against which additional datasets can be verified and linked – creating a powerful digital twin of the highway network.

“This digital twin can be used as an effective asset management resource, syncing with the physical environment through sensors, data collection and modelling techniques – further improving the impact our teams can have as they capture and analyse data relating to the physical characteristics, behaviour and performance of assets.

“That’s why we see this is much more than a technical upgrade. It’s a strategic enhancement to the way local authorities interact with, manage, and utilise their street data – representing a significant stride towards more integrated, reliable, and efficient public infrastructure management.”

Transform your street data management

If you’d like to find out more about how our new LSG integration can benefit your organisation, contact us for further information and a demonstration.