13 Nov, 2023
XA Explorer Mobile App

The new XAIS mobile app – available on Google Play – facilitates the inspection of a wide range of asset types with a seamless two-way link to XA© Asset Management Platform.

XA© Inspector allows the user to retrieve, view, collect and submit asset and asset inspection information from – or to – the XA© Asset Management Platform in real time.

Key features and benefits of the new mobile app include:

All infrastructure asset types that have been defined and configured with XA© can be retrieved by the user, allowing specific locations of assets to be plotted within a mapping window and attribute information attached.

Inspection regimes configured within XA© can also be retrieved via XA© Inspector – the app uses the exact GPS location to retrieve asset inspections that are due imminently or that are overdue.

The user can record defect information, treatment/works recommendations and costs, as well as attach written summaries and photographic images to an inspection.

This information is submitted in real-time to the main XA© system allowing for enhanced speed and connectivity.

The app is already being put to good use by the Gully Cleansing team at Derby City Council.

Commenting on their pioneering use of the new digital solution, XAIS Technical Director Richard Brook said: “The Derby City Council Gully Cleansing Team are currently utilising XA© Inspector at the point of cleanse to collect vital information that feeds their asset management objectives. Not only can condition be collected, but other data significant to how their assets are modelled can be recorded. Live inspection data allows for more efficient gully management, quicker access to team productivity and a more connected approach to their service. With access to XA© Inspector, the ability to record important information about your assets is in your pocket whenever you need it.”


XA© Inspector is a licensed application that also requires an XA© Enterprise, XA© Core, or XA© Explorer licence.

For user licensing packages please contact the team.