30 Apr, 2024

One of the highlights of the RSTA Annual Conference is the Gala Dinner and Awards – and, as well as the delight of hosting a table with industry friends and colleagues, we were thrilled to win this year’s ASSET MANAGEMENT Award!

The ASSET MANAGEMENT Award is in recognition of our work supporting local authorities with lifecycle planning – delivering a step change in highway condition surveys that are now based on the organisation’s individual treatment options and lifecycles in line with their corporate objectives.

How have we done it?

Working closely with our local authority clients, we deliver a series of realistic robust Lifecycle Plans which can achieve the council’s objectives. However, each of these Lifecycle Plans has a different cost. So, the XA© Asset Management Platform reports the cost of each Lifecycle Plan in the form of Net Present Value (NPV). The Lifecycle Plan with the lowest NPV is the cheapest and the one recommended to the council to be used within the AEI survey.

Using the techniques, data and platform we have given them, these local authorities can highlight the costs and benefits of different maintenance strategies, and ultimately give everyone in the organisation, including members, a detailed understanding of future budgets and maintenance need.

Thank you to the RSTA for hosting another entertaining Gala Dinner – we all thoroughly enjoyed a fantastic celebration of the industry’s finest talents and would like to send our congratulations to all of the award winners!

Embrace award-winning asset management

If you would like to find out more about how our Lifecycle Planning can help transform your highway condition surveys, contact the team for further information.