What is it?

Visual surveys are carried out to provide information supplementary to that provided by machine surveys to support the justification and evaluation of treatment options for proposed maintenance schemes. Listed below are the types of visual surveys we can provide. There are two main types of visual surveys in the UK:

  • HAPMS Visual Surveys (HVS), which are done on the motorway and trunk road network.
  • UKPMS Visual Inspections, which are carried out on the local authority road networks.


These surveys can be sub-divided further to suit the pavement type and the quality of information required:

  • Highways Agency Pavement Management System (HAPMS)
  • Pavement Visual Surveys (PVS) – are carried out on flexible carriageway pavements (PVS-f) and concrete pavements (VCS) where maintenance schemes are being considered.
  • Network Visual Survey (NVS) – used for those parts of the network that, are not covered by machine surveys eg. Kerbs, footways etc

This information is then loaded onto the Highways Agency’s pavement management system and used in the promotion of scheme bids. Visual surveys also include Barrier / Vehicle Restrain Systems (VRS) surveys.