Our team of experienced technicians and engineers are able to perform on-site surveys that can visually assess the defects seen on a surface dressing site in accordance with BS EN 12272-2:2003 and slurry surfacing to BS EN 12274-8:2005. Another survey we can carry out is the Visual Assessment of Thin Surfacing to our very own documented in-house method C171, Issue 4, 11/07/14.

We can also perform tests that give an indication of the surface’s characteristics. The pendulum skid tester can be used on pavements and footways and provides an indication on how much slip/skid resistance the surface under test has. This is useful in determining how accidents have been caused and in prevention of accidents. The test is carried out in accordance with BS EN 13036-4:2003 & BS 7976-2:2013.

We can also assess the texture depth to show compliance with a Materials Performance Criteria in accordance with the latest specification and methodology laid out in BS EN 13036-1:2010.

If you have any queries or requests for tests in this field, then contact the lab and we will be happy to help.

A pothole