What is it?

The Annual Engineer’s Inspection has been introduced recently as an alternative to existing UKPMS visual surveys. Although the AEI is not a current UKPMS affiliated survey, the survey is popular amongst Local Authorities. This is due to the ease in which maintenance schemes and treatments are identified and summarised following an assessment on site.

The survey has been designed with engineering judgement in mind. Our extensive experience in pavement engineering allows us to deliver your AEI survey in line with our comprehensive internal audit regime.

Ultimately, AEI focuses on treatment selection as opposed to raw defect identification. Treatment length can be defined in accordance with your local rules in mind. In turn this supports lifecycle analysis and wider asset management.

Benefits and Versatility

  • Rapid, network-level assessment of carriageway and footway condition 
  • Defined treatment selections and maintenance schemes support decision makers 
  • Safe survey procedure with minimal disruption to road users
  • Simplified and easily reportable results to aid understanding at all levels
  • Survey customisable to local requirements
  • Utilises pavement engineering and materials expertise in condition assessment

Why do it?

Whether you are a pavement engineer, asset manager or council member, highway condition data needs to be easily understood and in a format that can be shared readily. As AEI focuses on treatment selection as opposed to defect identification, the data requires less technical input or analysis post-survey.

Consequently, the data collated can be utilised to drive maintenance scheme development and prioritisation, and lifecycle analysis. The survey is also very flexible allowing for different treatment information to be collated dependent on client requirements. For example, average scheme lengths or specialist treatment types that are championed at a local level can be incorporated into the survey specification.

Why PTS?

PTS are unique within the industry in being able to monitor and report on the progress of survey activity in near real time. This is achieved by using our in-house ReGen software. The system affords 24-hour access to clients, allowing data validation, analysis, and delivery to be done seamlessly. Clients can also view network condition using an intuitive Red-Amber-Green styling to provide valuable condition information in rapid timescales.

We have a deep understanding of highway materials and treatments thanks to our work in pavement engineering and materials testing. We make sure that our certified engineering team is knowledgeable and experienced enough to meet AEI surveying standards and make the best treatment choices.


Additional Services

PTS offer a variety of UKPMS services including SCANNER, SCRIM, CVI, DVI and FNS in addition to AEI. We also provide asset inventory surveys and can offer bespoke surveying services. Looking for post-survey analysis and reporting support, our consultancy team are also able to provide a variety of statutory and tailored consultancy solutions.