What is it?

Footway Network Surveys provide network-level, walked inspections of footway assets to support and validate maintenance scheme development and prioritisation. The survey was developed by the Visual Survey Sub Group in conjunction with the FCMG and RCMG, to enable rapid and cost-effective assessments to be made with easy to interpret condition categories used to identify aesthetic, functional and structural defectiveness.

Several variants exist, dependent on detail level required, including Base and Enhanced FNS in addition to the most recently developed Footway Maintenance Survey, where defect cause information is also provided alongside surface type, defect type, and defect extent.

To guarantee the quality and UKPMS compliance of our data, we utilise accredited data collection software, calibrated equipment, and the most experienced UKPMS accredited FNS inspectors.

Benefits and Versatility

  • Rapid, network-level assessment of footway condition
  • Safe survey procedure with minimal disruption to road users
  • Industry-accredited and auditable data trail, allowing for client scrutiny
  • Survey customisable to local requirements
  • Condition data provided to support maintenance scheme selection and treatment identification
  • Utilises pavement engineering expertise in condition assessment
Footway Network Surveys


XAIS-PTS is unique within the industry in being able to monitor and report on the progress of survey activity in near real-time using our in-house ReGen software. The system affords clients 24-hour access, allowing data validation, analysis, and delivery to be done seamlessly. Clients can also view network conditions using an intuitive Red-Amber-Green styling to provide valuable condition information in rapid timescales.


Why do it?

Our footway survey data has a variety of applications to support Asset Managers and Highways Engineers. The data collated can be utilised to drive maintenance scheme identification and prioritisation, condition analysis and mapping, and network-level performance monitoring. The survey is also very flexible allowing for different information to be collated dependent on client requirements. Options relate to collection of footway inventory, surface material type, patching and defect cause information.

Complimentary Services

XAIS-PTS offers a full suite of UKPMS services, including SCANNER, SCRIM, CVI, and DVI, in addition to FNS. We also provide asset inventory surveys, the new Annual Engineer’s Inspection, and cater to bespoke survey requirements. If you need post-survey analysis and reporting support, our consultancy team can provide a variety of statutory and tailored consultancy solutions.