What is it?

In line with the latest Code of Practice, the highways industry has been adopting a comprehensive asset management approach that supports business decisions, provides longer term financial benefits, and drives effective methods for the planning of infrastructure works. It is a well-established approach and is increasingly being applied successfully to all highway assets.

To facilitate an effective asset management system, it is vital to have a comprehensive and up-to-date asset register in place covering all highways infrastructure assets both on carriageway and off-carriageway. Consequently, our asset inventory surveys have been developed over many years specifically to deliver the highest quality asset, attribute, and condition data available on the market. We can collate data on all your assets including signs, ironwork and drainage, cycleways, vehicle restraint systems, trees, footways, and road markings to name just a few examples.

Benefits and Versatility

  • Rapid, network-level assessments of on- and off-carriageway asset inventory
  • Data on point, linear and polygonal assets available in variety of data formats
  • Highly accurate locational and attribute information provided across all asset types
  • Safe survey procedure with minimal disruption to road users
  • Survey customisable to local requirements and budget expectations
  • Better asset interventions based on higher quality and more complete asset data
  • Walked, UKPMS, and video-based options available
Asset Inventory Example 1

Why do it?

Whether you are a pavement engineer, asset manager or council member, asset inventory data is a pre-requisite for an effective asset management solution. How can you adequately manage your assets if you don’t have an up to date and accurate asset register, which outlines the assets you have, where they are located, what condition they are in, and ultimately what value they hold or what would it cost to replace them?

Consequently, the data collated in our asset inventory surveys provides the foundation for asset management, lifecycle planning, and financial reporting.

Why PTS?

We understand the challenges that local authorities face when managing highways assets and it is always our intention to provide flexibility within our service provision. To manage costs and deliver targeted asset inventory data therefore, our surveys are completely flexible and can be tailored to your exact requirements. This means we can survey your entire network, or just a portion of it, we can survey all your highways assets, or just one or two. It is completely up to you and our experienced contract managers will discuss your requirements in detail to provide a tailored solution.


Complimentary Services

PTS offer a variety of complimentary UKPMS services including SCANNER, SCRIM, CVI, DVI, and FNS in addition to Asset Inventory Surveys. We can also offer bespoke surveying services and if you are looking for post-survey analysis and reporting support, our consultancy team are also able to provide a variety of statutory and tailored consultancy solutions.